5 Important Travel Tips to Europe

Are you reading this article because you were searching for tips to make your next European trip a memorable one and this article pop-ups in the searches? Well, sure it does. This article covers 5 important travel tips to Europe.

Europe is the most developed continent that is why it is the busiest place for travelers throughout the year. So hopefully you will find these tips helpful! And let me know if you agree, disagree with this article in the comment section. Feel free to share this article with your friend, family, and colleagues who plan to travel to Europe this holiday season.

So, shall we begin with the tips that you should keep in mind while traveling to Europe?

Always Pay In The local Currency



One of the biggest scams I realize in major stores were committing overseas is when they swipe my debit or credit card, and it registers as the U.S., they try and make it sounds like they’re saving my money. Once they say, “Oh, would you wish to pay in U.S. dollars or euros/pounds (or no matter their local currency is). Paying in U.S. dollar would appear to be the additional convenient option, however, in reality, it’s not. In fact, it’s a complete rip-off, since the stores that do this charge the higher exchange fee than your bank back home does. So, always remember pay in the local currency of the country you are in.

Avoid ATM Fees

Before leaving your country where you are living, always smart to check with your bank to see that what ATM fees is required per transaction. “When you use a foreign ATM, you could be charged a variety of fees, including non-bank ATM usage fees, ATM operator access fees, and international transaction fees for conversion to U.S. dollars.” That quote is directly from Bank of America, which goes on to tell its customers, “one way to limit such fees is to use your Bank of America ATM or debit card at one of our international partner ATMs. This enables you to avoid the Non-Bank of America ATM $5 usage fee for each withdrawal, transfer or balance, as well as the ATM operator access fee.”

Download App like Google Translator, Instagram, Facebook, Google Map

Nowadays traveling is enhanced by technology. That is why these days you rarely have to worry about not being able to communicate overseas because the tool like google translator breaks the language barrier between peoples. Secondly during traveling, if you want to share your snaps with your friends family and colleagues. Then none is better the Facebook and Instagram. The issue is that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are restricted in many countries. So what is a solution to access Facebook and Instagram? And I think I don’t want to define about google map because everyone knows about google map. If not you can ask in a comment section, I will answer.

Get an Adaptor + Power Strip

Instead of buying for multiple individual plug adaptors, with a power strip you’ll be able to just get one (or if you travel a lot, then get one multi-country adapter like this one). That way, you’ll be able to plug multiple cords in and only use one outlet. And that’s key since loads of edifice rooms, and cabins on cruises only have one or 2 shops.

Pack an Extra Bag

If you think you might do a fair bit of purchasing on your trips, then pack a thin, lightweight duffel bag in your carry-on or checked the bag. That way, if you have too much essence, you can check an additional bag on the way back. TIP 2: If you buy rare items, then put your filthy clothes in the checked bag and carry the more expensive items on the plane.

Hope these tips help you get the best out of your Europe Trip.

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