Five Top Vizag Tourist Spots

Vizag as the city named “City of destiny” justifies its name by providing best services to its people. Coming out from HudHud Devastation, CM of the state has revived it back to normal and is preparing it to be one of the top smart cities of the world. This article covers 5 best places to visit in Vizag and why Vizag is the best place for a weekend trip.

Vizag or Vishakapatnam is one of the best cities for a weekend outing. Also being the city of beaches, one can easily spend their time out in this famous city. Vizag has excellent connectivity via rail, road and also through air. Vizag has direct flights from all the major cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkatta. Vizag has attracted millions of tourists from all over the world. Here are some interesting places you could cover during your trip to Vizag. Best trip to vizag is a two to three day trip.

RK Beach: Vizag is the city of beaches. If you are a beach lover, you would love to spend the time at Vizag. Have a nice evening or an early morning walk at RK Beach. One of the best beaches of Vizag with plenty of restaurants spread across the beach. There are two to three gardens near to beach where you can spend time with family.



Kailasagiri: Kailasagiri is one of the top tourist attractions of Vizag. Located in the heart of vizag city, one can enjoy their full day on the top of Kailasagiri hills. With the largest sculptures of Lord Shiva on top of hills, one can see the best aerial view of Vizag from Kailasagiri hills.

Light House: Light House is another place where you shouldn’t miss during your trip to vizag. It is open at specific timings. If you are planning a trip with your love, don’t miss to visit light house and vision of Vizag from top of Light house.

Araku: Araku is one of the best winter attractions with best climate conditions. You will love seeing the greenery around and spending time with your loved ones.

Borra Caves: Borra Caves is another top tourist attraction where you can view different caves. You have direct train connectivity to Araku and Borra caves in morning from Vizag. You can finish Borra Caves, spend a day at Araku on the next morning and then come back Vizag in the evening through train.

Vizag is one of the top cities of India which is ideal for business. This is because you have transport facilities through water, air and land. There are many domestic and International flights that operate to Vizag. Vizag has steel plant, shipyard which helps in generating good amount of job opportunities for people. Local transport is easy with top operators like Ola, Uber and Yatragenie providing taxi services. Also there is an efficient public transport in place which can help you to travel easily in Vizag.

There are also hire a cab providers in Vizag who can help you travel around Vizag by providing hourly services of cab. Some of them include Ola, Uber and Yatragenie which charge you around Rs.1200 for 8 hours. Check out the link hire a cab deals in Vizag where you can get huge discounts when you book through APP of your smart phone.