A trip to Nainital and Jim Corbet National Park

Date: 15 Nov 2014: Time 10:00 pm
Location: #Sector 22 Market, Gurgaon
Magic Moments:
I would like to share with you all what a wonderful experience we had in our trip to Nainital and Jim Corbett Park 🙂 Thanks team for finalizing this location after closely analyzing number of destinations. The efforts made were really worth it. 🙂 We wanted to be away from what we usually carry/engage with in Delhi – the usual hustle-bustle of life and this place was just that. There was so much buzz in the office since last week as there was something exciting going to happen. Everybody was busy in activities like booking the cab, hotel, jungle safari, packing required for the tour. It was getting cold since the last few days, fully packed in jackets and warmers we all were determined to go. Thank God weather was good on Friday. O O, latest news ->we will be travelling by Qualis instead of Tavera that we booked. Few of the team members were not coming. We were missing few of our colleagues, as they couldn’t join us due to unavoidable reasons. I am sure they must as well have missed the fun.
We left NCR after travelling for 1.5 hours, courtesy Gurgaon roads and traffic. We stopped for tea frequently during our journey. It was good to see tea being served in kullarhs, it doubled its taste and aroma. Few didn’t sleep the whole night as they were so excited and never wanted to miss even the view of the roadside dhabas. During the journey we played dumsharads. People showed sportsmanship, nobody was really worried about winning or losing, one thing everybody was sure that they were on the trip to enjoy.

Date 16 Nov 2014, Time 6:00 am
Location: hotel Sidharth, Nainital
We reached our hotel in Nainital, the city of lakes. Nainital is a popular hill station in the Kumaon foothills of the outer Himalayas and is situated at an altitude of 2,084 meters above sea level. It was amazing to see that our hotel was situated at the mall road in the front of the lake and gave us a magnificent view of the mango shaped lake. Few were able to recollect their childhood memories as they had been to this place earlier. We got ready and had breakfast.
We then hired a local taxi so as to cover maximum tourist spots. We visited beautiful Naini Lake, It was a lush green place surrounded by beautiful hills on the three sides and mall road on one side.
Itni khobsurati dekhkar kisse nainital se pyar na ho jay……amazingly…..beautiful.
It was very calm and pleasant to watch ducks swimming. We indulged in boating; few of us tried using chappus themselves for boating. Few people were wearing sandals but nothing could stop them from adventure.
Then we visited cave garden, which is famous for ancient and natural caves, we went through tiger cave, ape cave, panther cave. Initially it looked daunting to go though the caves, but our team proved that good team work, motivation and appreciation can take you anywhere. There was feeling of pride after crossing those caves. It was good adventure and fun to go though those caves.
Then we visited the snow peak, from where we saw an un-interrupted view of the snow clad high Himalaya and with the help of telescope, we saw a panoramic view of Nainital town and various other points situated kilometers away.
Then we visited Sukkatal, what should I say about this place, let me think, ummmm, the name of the place is very apt, the tal was without any water.

We were served lunch at, ohhh wait… backspace, backspace… we even forgot lunch that day.
Sariyatal: Surrounded by mountains, our voice was echoing there. People made good use of their digi cam to capture the moments. Enjoying the beauty of the nature and clicking some picturesque scenes, we moved ahead.
Spring waterfall, we spent wonderful time there. The music from the waterfall made the scenic beauty amazing. There was a hitch for playing earlier as this was going to spoil our dresses, n also would look very child dish… but yeeeeeeees, was going to add more fun.
Naina Devi temple: After returning from the day trip, we went to Naina Devi temple. It is situated at the heart of the city near the Naini Lake. By this time it was really cold and we had a coffee on the famous mall road, few had to buy woolen caps, jackets to save themselves from the chilling waves.
We were feeling hungry like anything (whr is a good restaurant, so we went to mall road). We had food (Paneer Kadai, Dal Makhani, Veg Biryani n….Butter Roti) Aaaaaaah!, with stomach filled double its capacity, we had a walk to our hotel and had tea followed by card games.

We got ready on the day to travel to Jim Corbett Park, There was traffic jam and un preceded chaos for the CM visit for otherwise bright and sunny morning. Someone shouted, Why can’t people understand, if we cannot move on time, how will we reach there on time!” Anyhow …somehow… we left without any further damage..
The Jim Corbett Park was around 60 km away from our hotel. Soon the enthusiasm took over as the karwan started at 11:15 am from Nainital city. We played antakshri on the way and everybody was so excited and enthusiastic. Like a gang of college students we were cheering, shouting and enjoying.
We managed to reach Jim Corbett at 1:30 pm, good to see gypsies waiting for us there. Disciplined (?) peacefully (??) our team got in the gypsies with our appetite for adventure, for an exciting and thrilling excursion to the jungles.
Halki Halki Thand Or Khamosh Raahein, Khoobsurat Dhalti Shaam
We had a jungle walk in our open jeeps. The jungle provides an opportunity to view the natural habitat for wildlife in the dense sal forests. We were as excited to have a view of a tiger as watching India play into the world cup. We managed to spot few dears and birds. We heard many tiger stories, about maneater tigers, we felt “Jungke ka sannatta” the silence in jungle. It was good to hear from our guide that at least 6 tigers saw us on our trip, though we couldn’t spot any. We enjoyed the ride in the open gipsy; it was worth spending the day in the jungle. While on gypsy, we were cheering, shouting and we behaved as we were stndrd 12 children, or better I should say strd 8 children. It was so good to see that everybody participated in all the fun activities.
It was a mesmerizing trip. While on return we had mimicry, singing and fun filled commentary running throughout the distance. We returned from the trip, it was time for a nice 10 hours sleep…….
So the trip was over, we were rejuvenated n ready to work again. There was new bonding and strong ties built through this trip and the newly achieved team spirit will not allow the team to be let down. It was an awesome trip. Wasn’t it 🙂
Intense, Fast and Furious still enjoying the game: The spirit and magic moments of the trip captured in frame.
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