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There are many hotel information providers in Web. Not only they provide information about the hotels and hotel fare information from the top places in the world, they provide you to help you search and book requested hotel in any part of the world in minutes. Isn’t it useful. One of the best sites to book hotel for your travel is Horse 21 Hotel Reservation Service.

Horse 21 Hotel Reservation Service

Horse 21 Hotel Reservation Service provides hotel reservation and booking services in all the popular countries and cities in the world. Given below are some of the best places to book your hotel.

Top Countries and Number of Hotels you can Opt to Book
Hotels in France       5122
Hotels in Germany  3665
Hotels in Finland     210
Hotels in Italy           4571
Hotels in Spain          5753
Hotels in USA            39773
Hotels in United Kingdom 4672
Hotels in Russia  705
Hotels in Switzerland 1243
Hotels in China 4253
Hotels in Belgium 515
Hotels in Austria 707
Hotels in Netherlands 747
Hotels in Thailand 1516
Hotels in Turkey 767
Hotels in United Arab Emirates 565
Hotels in Canada 3281
Hotels in Japan 1111
Hotels in Republic of South Africa 482
Hotels in Greece 1200

If you search as per the popular cities category

Hotels in Helsinki 55
Hotels in Athens 201
Hotels in Madrid 349
Hotels in New York 397
Hotels in Dubai 354
Hotels in Berlin 334
Hotels in London 789
Hotels in Brussels 190
Hotels in Istanbul 356
Hotels in Amsterdam 191
Hotels in Prague 425
Hotels in Paris 1349
Hotels in Rome 714
Hotels in Vienna 223
Hotels in Barcelona438
Hotels in Moscow 133
Hotels in Bangkok 402
Hotels in Seoul 171
Hotels in Munich 248
Hotels in Milan 349

These are only the top hotels list categorized according to country and city wise. You can easily select the best Hotel that suits your need searching by category.

There is also an other option to search by country name. All these Features are only provided by Horse 21 Hotel Reservation Service. Hope you find these Reservation service useful and book your hotels.

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