Family Trip Bangalore to Mysore

After a long time, it is one of the best times to visit Mysore for a one day trip from Bangalore. With around 360km round trip from Bangalore to Mysore, we thought to have a family trip to Mysore covering some of the top places in Mysore. This article covers some of the top places we covered this weekend on our family trip to Mysore. We covered these Mysore Tourist Spots in the rest of the article and how to prepare your map.

We thought of various options to travel from Bangalore. There were many options, KSRTC buses which were charging Rs.800 per person (both directions) to Trains which are charging 250Rs (one way) per person. There were many bus deals also available, but we opted for an option through one of the cabs which we know for Rs.4000 that covers 400 km along with driver charges. And 10Rs per km for additional km’s if we travel.

We started early in the morning at 6 AM from Panathur, Bangalore to Mysore. Remember to travel and start early as, on Weekends, it is fully busy. There are many buses, cabs and daily tours from Bangalore to Mysore. Especially in the summer holidays, the traffic is much more. So if you start early (best time before 5.30 AM), you can reach Mysore by 8.30 AM and you can cover more places. We reached Mysore by 10 Am after having breakfast in the middle. Don’t forget to have Mathur Vada which is famous in Bangalore. My family liked it along with tea for breakfast.

Top Travel Places Mysore

Bird Sanctuary Mysore

Let’s get back to the top places in Mysore. There is a bird sanctuary in Mysore. That would be the best place to start if you could reach Mysore early in the morning. With the cost of Rs.200 per person, you can see all the best birds and bird tour is one of the awesome places. I have seen it earlier and hence left it this time as we reached late.

St Philomena’s Church  and Tippu Palace

On way, we started with St Philomena’s Church and the palace of Tippu. There is a huge palace park and you will love the place if you are having kids. You can spend 3 to 4 hours if you are on a two-day tour and only 45 minutes if you are on a one day Tour.

Thriveni Sangam

Next on the way is the Thriveni Sangam. It is a place where three rivers meet. We went, had water on our heads, prayed to the god, and came back. It is roughly one hour there. We also have some little shopping items to purchase and the Coconuts were very tasty.

Sri Ranganatha Temple

Next Place to visit was Sri Ranganatha Temple, one of the famous temples of Mysore. There was a huge queue and we had to spend two hours in the queue for Dharshan. As it was summer, it was very humid inside and suffocation. It was strange that in spite of it, there were very fewer fans and how the temple staff is managing themselves in such suffocation. Another interesting thing is that this temple doesn’t offer Prashad, unlike other temples where you can find different Prashad’s in different parts of India.

You can buy some Tulsi outside and can get it as Prashad after keeping at the god’s legs. You can buy some coconuts and sugar cane juice which is really tasty here. Also, there are idols of Shri Ranganatha temple you can purchase from here which can go to your Puja Room.

Mysore Palace

Next thing was to Visit Mysore Palace. It was the most beautiful place in India which I have ever visited. I would be uploading pics in a separate article and you would love seeing some of the ancient sculptures and designs. We spent around three hours there and then had lunch.

Brindavan Gardens

While returning back, it was raining and we had a chance to visit Brindavan Gardens, one of the famous gardens in South India. At 8.30 pm, we enjoyed the musical fountain and we really loved it.

It was one of the best trips to remember and we reached Bangalore by 11 PM. My suggestion is to have a two-day trip rather than a day trip which brings more fun and joy.

Best Conveyance to Mysore
There are many Top Domestic Flights to Bangalore. From Bangalore, you can connect to Mysore.

Do share your experiences and any other interesting places you would love to visit on your Mysore Trip. If I missed any Mysore Tourist Spots, Do add them in the comments section.

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