Guest Posting Guidelines

TravelsTips team has come up with these Guest Posting Guidelines. Please go through these guest posting guidelines which are the bare essentials for every post we publish.

TravelsTips Guest Posting Guidelines


1. Different Types of Post We Accept
TravelsTips is mainly designed for sharing content that is useful for travelers worldwide.
We accept posts that are related to Travel, Lifestyle, and Photography.

2. Unique Content
TravelsTips has zero tolerance for any content that is duplicated. Content that is shared
with TravelsTips should pass Copyscape. If any complaints that are received for any copied
or false content, TravelsTips has the right to delete or remove the content and the author
who has shared the content will have complete responsibility.

3. Content Rights
Content once published in TravelsTips shouldn’t be shared in any other websites or blogs.
TravelsTips will have the complete ownership of the content. Images that are shared should
have proper attribution.

4. Author Bio and Links
TravelsTips always encourages useful and healthy content. Author Bio will be allowed to have a link to one
of their personal social media pages like Facebook or Twitter. No link will be allowed
inside the post or in the Author Bio. This is to prevent posts which are only written to
get do follow backlinks.

5. Sponsored Posts
We love advertisers related to Travel, Lifestyle promotes their content on our website.
If you want to advertise via Guest Posts with a link, we have only one or two posts post which we allow
and that too after you fulfill all the above requirements. Do clearly state your requirements
when contacting us through TravelsTips Contact Page. Depending on your requirements, you will
be given the best quote based on your requirements. If any Sponsored Posts are published, readers will know
that the post is a Sponsored Post via Note.

6. Sharing Posts after going live
Sharing is Caring. Once we publish your content and share you the live link in TravelsTips, we
would love you to share the link in all your travel communities and social media. This improves
your content credibility and also gives visibility to TravelsTips.

7. Get a review of your Travel Products or Website
Interested in getting a review from top Travel writers from TravelsTips. Fill out the TravelsTips Contact Page
and get your products reviewed by our writers.

8. Accepting Payments
For any sponsored posts or reviews, we accept payments through PayPal.

9. Grammatical Mistakes

TravelsTips team has the right to reject your content after submission if the quality of the article is not up to mark. Minimum 500 words and few images
with proper attribution need to be shared with TravelsTips team.

Please go through the above TravelsTips guest posting guidelines and contact us through TravelsTips Contact Page