Incredible India

India is one of the beautiful places in the world with lots of hill stations and piligrim places to visit. One would love to have an Indian Tour in their life time. It takes some time to roam around in India because there are some of the best places one would love to visit in India. If you are planning for a Tour in India, you are at the right place. We provide you in Travels Tips some of the best places in India.

India Tourist Map

Lets start with the map of India and how you would start your tour to India.


Lets see the Map in Bing which will help you to locate places in India easily. Just click on the map to make it bigger and search for the particular location in India you want to look at.

Map picture


Incredible India’s Most Visited Tourist Places

Top Hill Stations in India

As India is a subcontinent, you can find so many hill stations in the North side and lots of beaches in the south. So if you are a beach lover, you would prefer south and if you are hill station lover, you would love North India. Given below are some of the Hill Stations you would love to visit.




Piligrimage Cities in India

India is land of cultures and religions. There are many sacred places to visit in India. Some of them which are visited by millions of tourists all over the world are given below. We would be writing more about these in coming days.

Vaishno Devi
Tirupathi Balaji Temple Tirupathi
Golden Temple Amritsar
Bodhgaya Tour

Theme Holidays in India
Honey Moon Destinations
Kerala Back Waters
Desert Safari in India
Jungle Tours in India



Best Tours of India

Tourist Zones in India

North India
West India
East India
South India

Tourst States in India


Tourst Cities in India
New Delhi

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