Kanipaka vinayaka swamy temple

Kanipaka vinayaka swamy temple is believed to be the most powerful and famous temples of Andhra Pradesh . Name of temple is derived from two keywords “Kani” means water and “paka” means water flowing. Kanipaka Vinayaka Swamy Temple is one of the Top Tourist Destinations in Andhra Pradesh.

Kanipaka Vinayaka swamy temple history

Image of Kanipaka vinayaka swamy

Image of Kanipaka vinayaka swamy

Kanipaka vinayaka temple located near Chittor in Andhra Pradesh is one of the most prominent and famous temples in India. The main deity in this temple is lord Ganesha. In Hindu community, Lord Ganesha is generally worshiped first in all aspects of their work. Likely, Kanipaka vinayaka swamy templewas built in 11th century by the Chola king Kulathonga – I, later it was expanded further in 1336 by the Emperors of Vizianagarm dynasty.

Kanipaka vinayaka swamy temple is generally called as naturally oriented temple which means this idol is not made by humans and it has been originated naturally by the grace of god.

Kanipaka vinayaka swamy temple gopuram

Kanipaka vinayaka swamy temple gopuram

Importance of Kanipaka Vinayaka swamy temple

There is a strong belief from ancient times that in this temple nobody can take false oaths or tell false statements before vinayaka. If anybody tries to do so, they are ultimately punished by the God and make the people realize about there sins and feel guilty. Before going to the temple people generally take bath in the river which is present near the temple which is called as river Bahuda and they had a belief that taking bath in this river make people get rid off there sins.

Story behind name of river Bahuda

It was believed that long ago there lived two brothers named Sankha and Likhita. One day on the way to there pilgrimage tour to Kanipaka vinayaka swamy temple in between there way Likhita felt hungry and without listening to the words of his brother Sankha he had plucked a mango and eaten it without permission of the ruler. On seeing this Sankha felt very bad and reported to the ruler of the sin done by his brother and Likhita also accepted the sin and for this the ruler of the dynasty ordered the soldiers to cut the two arms of Likhita of committing the sin and later they continued their pilgrimage to temple and there they took the bath in the river which is present near the temple surprisingly Likhita two arms has again restored to there original place and hence the name of the river is renamed with Bahuda which means Bahu means human arms and now the river is called as Bahuda river.

Story behind Kanipaka Vinayaka swamy temple

Long ago there used to live three brothers in which one is deaf, one is dumb, and one is blind. To satisfy there basic needs they used to plough the fields and try to acquire some money through cultivation. Likely, they use to draw water from the well and used for ploughing the fields and one day they came to known that they can no longer use the well because it is becoming dry day by day and they cannot complete there work without water . By seeing this they started digging the well. While digging suddenly they heard the voice of hitting a stone and they observed that blood is oozing out from that stone and within no time the water in the well turned into red and also the three handicapped brothers became normal human beings without any defect. On seeing this miracle villager tried to dig the well further to bring the Idol out but in vain they can’t able to that and even now the idol is inside the well and the water in the well that is coming out through the well is given to people as a token of god grace (which is generally called as prasadam) who came to visit God. And another miracle about this god is it is the idol is growing day by day without intervention of human being. Hence this God is generally treated as self – manifested god.

Festivals of India- BRAHMOTSAVAM

During Vinayaka chavithi which is generally celebrated as big festival by Hindus in India they generally conduct a festival of Brahmotsavam for 20 days in which the Brahmotsavam idol of God is taken out and moved through all over the city with the help of people who keeps the god on there shoulders and move through the city.

Travel tips visiting Kanipaka Vinayaka swamy temple

Here are some travel tips to visit Kanipaka Vinayaka swamy temple, chittor.

Means of travel for Kanipaka Vinayaka swamy temple

From Chennai: Take Route No:144 bus from Chennai Koyembedu Bus Stand (CMBT) or Lalbagh train to Katpadi.There will be plenty of buses from Katpadi to Chittoor. Try to take GOVT bus as there will be too many stops for private buses.
From Bangalore: Take any KSRTC (Karnataka State Transport) bus from Bangalore Bus Stand (Majestic) going to Tirupati, Nellore, Vijayawada & Guntur. Get down in CTR. Take any APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh Transport) bus (Bangalore Majestic) going to Tirupati, Nellore, Vijayawada & Guntur. Get down in CTR. Don’t take the private bus “Kalasipalya” as there are too many stops.

Hire a cab to Kanipaka Vinayaka swamy temple

Here are some hire a cab facilities available for Kanipaka vinayaka swamy temple
From Hyderabad : Take Kesineni (Volvo), Deepna, JBT, TTS travels by bus from Ameerpet X roads which usually runs everyday, APSRTC buses (7 buses) from MGBS and train is VENKATADRI express starts from Kachiguda at 8:05PM and reaches chittoor by morning at 9AM.

Bus service for Kanipaka vinayaka swamy temple

From Tirupati: APSRTC buses ply every 10 min to and fro Chittoor (72 km).
From Vijayawada,Vizag and Machlipatnam :Take any APSRTC or Private bus going to Bangalore. Get down in CTR. Two APSRTC buses one in morning and one in evening starts from vijayawada to chittoor and by train you can catch Sheshadri, Hatia, Sabari, KK express to reach chittoor.
Kanipakkam: 12 km from Chittoor.For the devotes convenience their are direct buses to Hyderabad,Vijayawada,Bangalore,Chennai,Nellore & Ananathapur.

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