Kanyakumari beach in chennai

Kanyakumari is a unique beach often referred as the ‘Land’s End’ of India.  Kanyakumari district is contoured by Tirunelveli distrist in the north and northeast, by Kerala state in the northwest and confluence of Arabian sea and Indian Ocean in the west and south. 

About Kanyakumari beach in Chennai

kanyakumari beach chennai
Kanyakumari is also spelt as KanniyakumariKanyakumari can be visited throughout the year, as it enjoys a pleasant climate.  However the most pleasant season to visit this place is between October and March. 

Kanyakumari beach is a beautiful sight with various colored sand.  It does not really offer one the opportunity to sunbathe on soft golden sands, or to frolic in the waves as the seashore is rocky and dangerous, and there is a man made wall running along it.  People are warned to stay off the rocks, and if someone moves out of the bounds he or she is quickly and severely admonished by a watchful policeman.  The beach offers a welcome change with longs stretches of sands of many hues.  The sea is entertaining to watch it beat itself against the rocks and then subside, before it gathers itself up for another attack as it is fairly rough.

Kanyakumari beach is surrounded by three seas.  The seas such as  Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. A major attraction which the tourists can view over here is the sunrise and sunset.  The sunrise and sunset especially on full moon days are enough to seduce a person to live here forever.  The light house offers some of the most delightful views of the surroundings.  The waves splash furiously and seas are rough.  Swami Vivekananda rock is the greater highlights of the beach which was built in 1970.  Swami Vivekananda was a saint of modern India and also a social reformer.  A huge stone rising out of the sea, is trusted to be the seat of meditation of the great saint, Swami Vivekananda.  You can see the statue of Vivekananda and a memorial dedicated to him here.  Ferry service is available to visit the memorial. The other two tourists’ spot in this area is Guganathaswamy temple and Gandhi memorial. You will be surprised to meet such a large number of Bengalis here in this South Indian State.  The tourists love to see the confluence point of the three seas i.e.  Bay of Bengal, Arabian sea and the Indian ocean which is known as Sangam.

Kanyakumari beach has an overwhelming sight with the sand which has played with the colors of the sky.  The main languages
spoken here is English, Tamil and Malayalam.

Reaching Kanyakumari Beach Chennai

The nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram about 87kms away.  Kanyakumari is connected with all places by road and rail.  One can also travel by bus, auto rickshaw or  taxi.

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