Kolar Kotilingeshwara Temple Trip

Kolar which is famous for gold mines is also popular for Kotilingeshwara Temple. It is one good place to visit by doing a one day trip from Bengaluru to Kolar Kotilingeshwara Temple.

We planned this trip as part of one of our friends engagement in Kolar. So we thought, this temple is worth a Visit. We started early in the morning around 7 after having a light breakfast. It was around 100km drive from Bengaluru via Hoodi circle towards Kolar Gold Fields. We initially visited our friends function hall to attend the engagement which was in Kolar.

Kolar is a very good city with lots of green trees and plantations around. After the engagement, we started to the temple around 12PM.

Kolar is very hot and if you are planning a trip from Bengaluru to Kolar Kotilingeshwara Temple, plan early in the morning so that you can have some time spending in the temple.

We took a XUV and were around five friends. On visiting the temple, there were very few people around as it was hot in the afternoon. Walking without slippers is also a tough job. They have added mats to help you walk around the temple.

We had a DSLR and they charged Rs.100 to enter into the temple. We took the ticket as we were planning to take some good pictures for our readers and share some karma to those who visit our post and have a look at these pictures.

Kotilingeshwara Temple

Some pictures of Kotilingeshwara temple Kolar which we took during our visit. This temple is one of famous Shiva temples in India.

Kotilingeshwara Temple

We had a lunch on return after having some light snacks at the temple. You can do some shopping around the stalls which are located there and get some things to your friends.

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