Parathasarathy Temple in Kerala

Parathasarathy Temple is one of the ancient temples in kerala. Learn more about the history of this temple, way to this temple and best travel tips to visit this temple in the article.

About Parathasarathy Temple in Kerala

Parthasarathy Temple in kerala
Parathasarathy Templeis one of the most ancient temples in Kerala.  The idol worshiped over here is “Lord Krishna”.  The temple is situated on the banks of great River Pamba, Aranmula in Pathanamthitta districts.  Aranmula Boatrace is conducted in the Onam Festival (i.e. in the months of August or September).  Large number of tourists visits here to view this great ancient temple.  As it is an attractive place, tourists all over the world likes this place.
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History of Parthasarathy temple

The name Parathasarathy is derived from Sanskrit word which means “charioteer of Arjuna”. The origin of the Temple is closely associated with the famous Mahabharata story. The battle named Kurukshetra  between the Pandavas and the Kauravas.  On the ninth day of Battle the Pandavas  were not able to proceed further  against  Bhishma.  Lord Krishna who had vowed  not to include in the fights was forced to enter .  Lord Krishna used his “Chakra” and that is how the idol of Krishna got the  name as Parathasarathy.  The lord is depicted with Chakra in his arm. But as years passed, the whole place was covered with thick forests so it became very difficult to the devotees for worship.  So they decided to shift the idol to a place most suitable for worship.  Accordingly they shifted the idol to an village named  ‘Aranmula’.   The idol was transported on a raft constructed with  Six bamboo poles to the village.   In Malayalam  the meaning of Six bamboos is Aranmula.  That’s why the village got the name as Aranmula.

Lord Ayyappa’s ornaments at the time of Sabarimala Makara Jyothi  festival are taken from here itself.

Festivals in kerala

Festivals are held in the months of   January, March, May,  and November. Many attractive Programs are there to view during festival season and so many visitors reach here to watch and get blessings from the lord.

Travel tips to Parthasarathy temple in Aranmula

This temple is 10kms away from Chengannur.   There are transport buses from Chengannur  Bus Stand.  Just opposite to the stand is the railway station .  One can reach the temple  from Chengannur Stand  in about half an hour by bus.

It is better to travel by taxi as many hire a cab facilities are available  as it takes only 20 minutes to reach the  temple from railway station.  And one can travel to  6 areas  in half a day.  There are tourist packages available for visiting top tourist destinations in kerala. For giving an example of tourist packages for kerala, the towns such as Puliyoor,  Thiruchittaru ,  Aranmula (here temple is located)  Thiruvanvandur, Thiruvalla and Changanacheri will costs only Rs.600/-.
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Address of Parathasarathy Temple

Sri Parathasarathy temple
P.O. Aranmula,
District- Pathanamthitta
Pin-689533, State Kerala,
Tel:   0468  2212170

Parathasarathy temple in kerala

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