Top 5 Domestic Airlines in India

Are you traveling to India and looking for cheap domestic flights when you travel within India? Then this article will help you in learning about the 5 Top domestic airlines in India that have been serving the domestic Indian travelers from years.

Top Domestic Airlines in India

In India, almost all the states have their own airports. Some support only domestic transports while major cities support Domestic and Foreign travel.

There are 5 Airlines in India which provide domestic services when you want to travel within India. Given below is the information regarding these airlines and their services.

#1 JetLite from Jet Airways


JetLite provides the domestic service in India for Jet Airways. While Jet Airways provides flights to International destinations, Jetlite covers 43 destinations within in India along with Jet airways. JetLite is the own Subsidary of Jet airways.

#2 Indian Airlines


Indian Airlines provides domestic flight services in India to 58 destinations. One of the best Airlines in India providing services from 1953. Indian Airlines provide premium services and so the flight tickets are little costly compared to Jetlite, SpiceJet and Indigo.

#3 Indigo Airlines


Indigo Airlines ranks fourth in the list of domestic airlines in India. Started its operations in 2006, this is also recognized as the budget airline. If you are looking for cheap flight tickets in India, check out Indigo Airlines

#4 Spice Jet


Spice Jet is another domestic airline in India which is providing consistent services for domestic sector. SpiceJet flies to Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Goa and Kolkata. Recently it started operations for other major cities.

#5 Go Air


Go Air is another low fare carrier which provides domestic flight services across 16 locations in India. It is also recognized as one of the cheap flight tickets provider in India, but only to selected cities.

There are some other Airlines in India such as Kingfisher which recently stopped its services. Before that Kingfisher used to be in the top 3 of the domestic flight providers in India but couldn’t sustain the losses.

These are the top domestic flight providers in India. Check out the latest flight deals and offers from these flight providers when you travel in India. Wish a safe and happy journey.

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