Top Kakinada Tourist Places

Kakinada is one of the famous cities of Andhra Pradesh and is famous for temples and ancient heritage. This article covers Top Kakinada Tourist Places.

Kakinada is present in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. East Godavari District is known as rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh with lush paddy fields and coconut groves. It is also known as another Kerala.

Kakinada is East Godavari district headquarters. It is located 155km from Visakhapatnam and 60km from Rajahmundry. There is a sea port at Kakinada beach. In olden days, Kakinada is called as kokanuru, which means place consisting of many lakes. Britishers called as Co-Canada, changed to Kakinada after our Independence.

Kakinada is called the Fertilizer city, as it’s place of fertilizer plants and also fifth largest city in Andhra Pradesh. Kakinada is famous for industries such as Fertilizer, Sugar,Natural gas and petroleum,power generation, oil refineries & Biofuel plants. Kakinada is part of a Special Economic Zone(SEZ).

Kakinada is known for famous Kakinada kaja, Subbayyagari hotel & Sri Chaganti KoteswaraRao (Pravachanams).

Given below are some of the top Kakinada tourist places one love to visit which is very near to Kakinada.

Tourist Places Near Kakinada


Annavaram Sathyanarayana Swamy temple

Annavaram Sathyanarayana Swamy Temple is one of the most famous Holy Shrines in India. It is placed second after Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh. This Dravidian style temple was described in Revakhanda of SkandaPurana.Lord Satyadeva with his consort Sri AnanthaLakshmi on one Side and with Lord Siva on the other side took his abode on Ratnagiri Mountains. This divyakshetram is surrounded by sacred Pampa River.

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Samarlakota Kumara BhimeswaraSwamy temple

Kumara Bhimeswara Swamy temply is located 15km from Kakinada. This is one of the pancharama temples,earlier known as Chalukya Bhimavaram. The architectural style of the temple resembles Draksharamam temple.

Pithapuram Shakti peeta


Pithapuram Shakti Peets is one of 5 Madhaveswara temples and Datta Kshetra

Pithapuram Shakti peets is located 16km from Kakinada. KukkuteswaraSwamy, Puruhutika devi are presiding deities. According to Bimeshwara Purana of Srinath Kavi Sarvabhuma, it is one of the 12 pilgrim’s equivalent to Kashi. It’s also called as Pada Gaya kshetram because of Gaya Asura, as pada(leg)of demon fell here. Kunthi MadhavaSwami, Sripada Srivallbhaswamy and Venu GopalaSwamy temples are famous here.

Draksharamam Bheemeswara swamy templePithapuram

Draksharamam Bheemeswara Swamy temple is one of the Pancharama temples located at 30km from Kakinada. Crystal lingam is special attraction in this temple.This ancient temple is protected monument under the department of archeology. It is also called as Dakshina Kashi.

Kotipalli SomeswaraSwamy temple


Kotipalli Someswara Swamy Temple is located 12km from Draksharamam. It is also famously known as Koti Theertham, located at the confluence of the river Godavari with the sea. This holy river was brought by Gowtham Maharshi. People believe it as one of Pancharamas.

Sarpavaram Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple

Sarpavaram Bhavanrayana Swamy temple is 4km from Kakinada. This temple is one of 5 Bhavannarayana temples in AndhraPradesh. As per legend NaradaMaharshi prayed to Lord Vishnu here and transformed from women to his real form. This temple is visited by sages Vyasa and Agasthya.


Bikkavolu is one of the famous places where you can visit historical Golingeshwara Swami, Ganesha temples. This place is located 15km from Samarlakota.

a) Gollala Mamidada(Gopurala Mamidada) is located 6km from Bikkavolu. This is second famous Sun temple after Arisavilli temple in Andhra Pradesh

b) Dwarapudi: Famous temples complex called as Andhra Vaikuntam, located 16km from Bikkavolu. Ayyappa temple is popular as Sabarimalai.


Tapeswaram is famous for Andhra sweets, 20km from bikkavolu village. They have Guinness book of world records in making Khairathabad Ganesh Laddu. If you love sweets visit this place and have yummy bites.


Uppada beach is famous for its beach. Clear water, silver sand and the golden sun gifts the beach with a majestic beauty. Uppada beach is located 10km from Kakinada. Wide and stretchy shore with crystal clear blue waters attracts tourists. Uppada silk sarees are famous.

CoringaWildlife sanctuary 

Coringa Wild life sanctuary is 20km to Kakinada in the Godavari delta. This Hope Islandsanctuary is home to many species of mangrove plants, rare birds, flora and fauna. It’s second largest mangrove forest in India. Take a boat ride, we can easily spot turtle, crocodile, stork etc.

Hope Island 


Hope Island is a small tadpole shaped Island situated off the coast of Kakinada in Bay of Bengal. Hope Island has boating available from APTDC.


Adurru is 50km from Rajahmundry. This place has remains of Buddhist stupas, chaityas and viharas which were found by archaeologists while excavating this place. The Mahastupa, a huge wheel with a 17ft diameter is major attraction and is built on a high platform.

These are some of the top Kakinada tourist places. Watch out for more articles in coming months from tourist places in India.

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