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Beaches of Tamilnadu are quite famous for their ideal position to view the dawn and dusk in its most natural form.  Most popular and recently visited beach is Velankanni beach.
Velankanni beach is located at Tamilnadu.  Velankanni beach is the most popular pilgrim centre for catholic christians of Tamilnadu and the church of our Lady of Health is located here.  Apart from Christianity, people from various faiths visit here.  Velankanni beach is about 350 kilometers away from Chennai.  This beach is also called the Lourdes of the East as both the places experience a large number of pilgrims on an annual basis.  On the months of August and September there is couple of festivals.
These are several attractions.  Visitors can enjoy activities like swimming at Velankanni beach but before they venture out to swim they have to ask the resort as the sea becomes rough on certain occasions. 

Major Tourist Attractions of Velankanni

>In honour of "Lady of Health" known as the Madonna of Velankanni.Velankanni beach which is also known as "Lourdes of the East "
 Velankanni Church: Velankanni church is located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal more particularly at the Eliot’s beach in Besant Nagar.  Fully dedicated to Virgin Mary and the Heavenly mother. Velankanni church is in honour of the Lady of Health known as the Madonna of Velankanni.  Devotees believe that the Lady of Health possesses miraculous powers.  

Visitors to Velankanni beach can also visit the museum at Basilica as it has a splendid collection of exhibits and other important places like the Dargah at Nagore and the Sri Rangam temple at Trichy.  They can also go to Velankanni beach for shopping handicrafts as it is an attractive shopping destination.  There are handloom products and silk fabrics available at Velankanni beach.

Here accommodation is not a major issue as there are good hotels available.  The closest hotel is Nagapattinam which is about
14  kms from the beach.  The other ones are Bethesda Inn MGM is a major Hotel.  The normal tariff rate is between 2100 and 3000 INR.  There are 20 rooms available and it is only 2 kms away from the beach and another one is Sea Gate Resorts in Velankanni beach.  Its tariff range is more than 3500 INR. 

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How to reach Velankanni beach:

By Air : Trichy airport is 150kms from Velankanni and Chennai is about 350kms
BY Rail : The nearest Railway station is Trichy and the other major stations are at Chennai and Thanjavur.

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