10 must do activities in Manali trip

Are you planning a trip to Manali, Himachal Pradesh which one of the best hill resorts in India. Then this article will cover complete information as tour Guide to Manali and 10 things to do in Manali when you go on a trip with friends.

This article is written after my personal experiences during my trip to Manali with some of my best friends from Delhi to Manali. Added few images that we took during our Manali trip.

1. Enjoy the stay in Tourist Tents in Manali




Our Manali tour package included accommodation in tents. You may feel it a little strange, but the experience was really memorable. Getting up early, enjoying the sunrise, hot tea and breakfast, and the bon fire in the nights. You shouldn’t miss staying in tents. Staying in hotels in Manali is when you travel with your family.

But with friends, don’t miss this enjoyment with tents next to river side. There are many who provide tour packages to Manali that include tents, Trekking, river crossing and rafting at a very reasonable price. Fill out the tour quote to Manali and We can suggest some of the best travel deals to Manali. For us it was around 75$ per person for 3 days accommodation, food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), bon fire, going to Rohtang from Manali and coming back.

2. Trekking in Manali



Trekking is another interesting activity which you would love to enjoy in Manali. If you are going with friends, Trekking or rock climbing is half day enjoyment in Manali. I will be uploading pictures of the trekking later.

3. River Crossing in Manali



River Crossing is one of the popular tour activities in Manali. Crossing the river with powerful tides by catching on the rope is one of the most challenging tasks in your Manali trip. Don’t miss this tour activity if you are going with a group of friends.

4. Drive to Rohtang Pass


Rohtang Pass is one of the best places to visit during your tour to Manali. For reach Rohtang, you need to get up early in the morning and must have booked your taxi in the night before. If you are late, then you will be stuck in traffic and miss whole day fun.

Most of the tourists include travel to RohtangPass in their tour package to Manali. You cannot drive your own car to Rohtang as it is restricted to specialist drivers. Drive to Rohtang is very risky with extreme curves and only people with good experience on driving these hill can drive to Rohtang.

5. Skeeing at Rohtang Pass Manali




Skeeing at Rohtang is another popular tour activity in Manali. You will find many people enjoying this activity in Rohtang. Prices are very cheap which may be around 4 to 5$ per hour if you hire skates from the local in Manali. Don’t miss this activity as it is enjoying and refreshing.

6.Bike Ride at Rohtang Pass Manali

Bike Ride at Rohtang Pass

Bike Ride Manali


At Rohtang Pass, you can enjoy the ride of the bike. This is one of the best if you are interested in driving. Manali is only one of the fewest places in India where you have the chance to drive on this.

7. Hidimbi Temple

Hidimbi Temple is one of the famous temples in Manali. Most of the tourists with families visit this temple during their trip to manali.

8. Para Gliding

Para Gliding is another interesting activity in Manali. As there was so much of wind, we missed to do this activity. But from my personal experiences in other parts of the world, I suggest to do this activity here as it is much cheaper and you will enjoy the beautiful scenary when you do Para Gliding. Generally Para Gliding is charged Rs. 600 per person. If you are a group, then don’t hesitate to bargain.

9. River Rafting


River Rafting is another tour activity which you will love in Manali. Don’t forget to ask whether you will be sitting in front or back and whether you will be rowing or you will be just sitting in the boat. In our tour, the river rafting guides were doing most of the thing. It is a great experience.

But also try asking whether you can raft yourselves with support in other side from them. This will make this activity more interesting. Also ask how much long is the drive. Generally they say 2 to 3 km, but ask before and take long drive. It would be awesome experience.

Take River rafting at end of your tour as it is tiring and may hamper other tour activities if taken first. Generally they charge 300 to 600 per person. Some add it in tour package just as it was done in our case.

Shopping at Manali


Manali is famous for winter clothes. You would love to buy the winter clothes in Mall Road and enjoy the traditional Indian food in the restaurants in Manali.

Manali Tour Map



Travel to Manali

By Bus:

We took a tour bus to Manali from Delhi on a package rate which costed us 400$ for 3 days including petrol and driver expenses. It is one of the best and cheapest tour package to Manali. Thanks to my friends who are experts in researching the best tour packages to Manali.

By Flight:

Manali also have airport where there are regular domestic flights from cities like New Delhi. You can also take direct domestic flights to Manali from major cities of India. For best flight deals, you can check out domestic flights from jetairways in makemytrip.

By Cab:

You can also hire a cab to Manali. We will updating details of hire a cab for Manali and some of the best cab options to Manali in coming days.

Manali trip is one of the most exciting trip in my career. It inspired me for planning a trip every month based on my busy schedule. What do you think about this trip. Don’t hesitate to share your valuable comments.

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