Guruvayur temple in kerala

Guruvayur the abode of   Lord Sree Guruvayurappan,  is located 29 kms north west to the cultural capital of the ‘God’s own country’,  Kerala.    This narrow coastline strip of land on the south western edge of Indian subcontinent.

Guruvaur Temple in Kerala

Lord Krishna in Gurvayur temple in Kerala

Guruvayur Temple is supposed to have been oldest temple in kerala about 5000 years old.   In those times, it was known as “Bhooloka Vaikunta” (Abode of God on Earth).

The term ‘Guruvayur’ is said to have been derived from two words, ‘Guru‘ (preceptor of the gods) and ‘Vayu’ (god of winds).   The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna,   who is also known by the name of   Guruvayoorappan.   Due to its reverence, Guruvayur Temple is also known as   ‘Dakshina Dwaraka’(Southern Dwarka )  is one of the 10 paradises in the world.



In kerala festivals are celebrated in good fashion. Festivals like Ulsavam,   Vishu,   Ashtami,  Rohini,   Mandalam,   Ekadasi,  Kuchela’s Day,   Chembai Music Festival and Narayaneeyam day are the  major occasions  that observe   special celebrations at Guruvayur Temple.   On special events,  the sacred images are brought out to take in a procession in Guruvayur town.   At  the time of festivals,   the entire state is decorated with inestimable butter lamps,  which truly recreates the impression of the former age.
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