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Tirupathi is the sacred temple of Lord Venkateswara and one of the most famous temples in India. Located in Andhra pradesh, one of the states of South India, TirupathiĀ  is the place of the ancient and sacred temple of Sri Venkateswara .

About Tirupati

Tirupathi is located on the seventh peak of Venkatachala (Venkata Hill) of Tirupathi. Thousands of visitors visit this temple every day. which lies on the southern banks of Sri Swami Pushkarini. Venkateswara swamy is called the lord of the venkata hill and he is the lord of seven hills.

Tirupati Temple History

Sri Venkateswara temple tirupathis has acquired unique sanctity in Indian religious lore and many piligrims from all over the world visit the temple and give their hair as a token of worship.

It is said in Sastras, Puranas, Sthala Mahatyams and Alwar hymns that one can attain mukthi in Kali Yuga by worshipping Sri Venkateswara and visiting tirupathi once in their life time. Venkateswara is described as the great best ower of boons andĀ  many benefits are acquired by piligrimage to venkatachala as mentioned in the Rigveda and Asthadasa Puranas.

There are several legends who have taken part in the manifestation of Lord Venkateswara at Tirumala. The temple has its origin in Vaishnavism and advocates principles of equality and love and prohibits sacrifices of animals.

Lord of Seven Hills

Lord of Seven Hills

Travel Tips to Tirupathi

There are many places you can visit after having the darshan of Lord venkateswara. The sanctum sanctorum which houses the awe-inspiring idol of the Lord of the Seven Hills is situated in the main temple complex of Tirumala and there are several ways in which piligrims can visit tirumala. There are cabs in Tirupathi which run 24 hours, there are free buses run by Tirumala Tirupathi Devesthanam (TTD) which run through out the day for the piligrims.

There are taxi’s available to visit other tourist places in Tirupathi after darshan of Tirumala. Tourist packages for Tirupathi are available in Internet and these provide trips that cover entire Tirupathi in one or two days. You can even hire a cab in Tirupati and go around the places which would be the best way to Travel in Tirupati.

Accomodation in Tirupathi

TTD provides guest rooms and sathrams in Tirupathi for people coming from different places. Some of the rooms need to be booked online and these rooms are provided depending on availability. There are start hotels and medium ranged hotels available in Tirupathi which are available in general days. But during Tirupathi Brahmotsavam, it is very difficult to get a single room.

Food and Restaurants in Tirupathi

Food is not a problem in Tirupati. There are several good restaurants available in Tirupathi that serve various kinds of food. Pilgrims get good facilities for food as there are several stalls available which provide quality food. These also provide mineral water bottles and there is no problem for water.

Shopping in Tirupathi

Children and Ladies would love to make shopping in Tirupathi. One can get all the favorite items they need in the Main shopping complex in Tirupathi. There are hundreds of stalls available which provide good products. Generally the most shopping products are albums and cassettes of Lord venkateswara, Frames of Lord Venkateswara which are available in different sizes and they provide us to design our own shape.

TTD online Services

Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam provides online services for piligirims which can be obtained from the following links

Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam Online Services

For more details on travels, advance booking and e-Darshan counters please visit the official website of tirupathi given below

Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam

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