Oachira temple in kerala

Oachira Temple” is an extremely ancient temple located in Kollam district in Kerala. This Kerala temple has rich historical significance and treated as one of the sacred temples in India. Millions of pilgrims visit this temple for worshiping especially in the month of July and October.

Oachira Temple in Kerala History

 Oachira Temple in Kerala
There are many beliefs as to why this place is called   Oachira.   Some people believe that the place name came from the word   Omkarachira and some others believe that the name is originated from the name   Oymanchira.   Also there are strong beliefs that the name derived from  Uvachanchira as Uvachan means Lord  Shiva as per belief. All these assumptions are based on myths.

The Oachira Temple is unique with regards to other temples as it does not have covered structures for temples.   People worship Para Brahma, Vishnu and Siva under the neatly preserved trees.


Location and Travel Details for Oachira temple in kerala

Given below are some of the Travels Tips to Visit Oachira Temple Kerala

LOCATION     :   Oachira,  Kollam district, Kerala,  South India.
ADDRESS       :  34  Kms North Of  Kollam Town
By air and taxi:    The two closest airports are in Thiruvanatapuram (100 km towards south) and in Cochin (130 km
north). Pre-paid taxi services are available round the clock.
By Bus:    Nearest major bus stations are Kayamkulam (5 km north of ochira) and Karunagappally (10 km south of
ochira). There are frequent bus services from these bus  stations to Ochira. During the festival seasons,  special bus
services will be available from the above stations and also from neighboring places such as Sastham kotta, Bharanikkavu,  adoor,  vallikunnam,  alumpeedika,  puthuppally,  prayar,   vallikkavu etc.

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ACCOMODATION: Accommodations are available at the nearby hotels in  Alleppy

Nearby Tourist Destinations : Kayamkulam,   Alleppey

BEST TIME TO VISIT: June 18 , August and Nov/Dec

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